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blog wellcome to Natural Blue!
guid about habitat of the tropical fish♪FREE UNDERWATER CAMERA!
feel natural wonder world!
we can feed and touch fish♪
we have special combo course¥3000yen off!
only one english available diving shop!! Japan Diving Tour

okinawa japan blue cave
okinawa japan blue cave
■ Blue Cave Snorkeling!
No1!Most Beautiful Spot!

 EASY, Safety, and really FUN!!
 Welcome First Time Swimmer!
 you dont need swim, you just flot!
 Amazing Valuablue view!!

 There are only 2 Blue Cave in the World!
 Amazing Blue Light in Cave!

Time required (1.5hours) Price \5000($50)
Schedule 7:30~ 13:00~ and other (call for detail)

payment rule Japan Okinawa Diving♪
English Avilable Diving Shop |Natural Blue|
TEL: 090-9497-7374

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