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requirement mattes for scuba diving

□No Sickness & Injury recently

□Need Medical Certificate for people taking some medicine and have seeing doctor regularly

* Please Let Us Know, If You have Below Symptoms

○ Rhinitis :Heavy Nasal Inflammation

○ Otitis Media :Inflammation Of The Middle Ear

○ Asthma,Pneumonia,Reapiratory disease

○ High Blood Pressure, Low Blood Pressure, and Angina :Circulatory Organ System Trouble

○ Brain Nervous System Trouble

○ Stomach Ulcer and Digestive Trouble

○ Diabetes

○ Fear Of Heights and Claustrophobia

□ Pregnant Woman CAN NOT DIVE

□ No Surgery Experience Less than 1 year

□ Can Not Ride on the Air Plane before 12 hours after you dive (only 1dive)

□ Can Not Ride on the Air Plane before 24 hours after you dive (several dive)

□ No Alcohol
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