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blog wellcome to Natural Blue!
guid about habitat of the tropical fish♪FREE UNDERWATER CAMERA!
feel natural wonder world!
if you have license! No Problem!!
offer for FIRST TIME DIVER!!
only one english available diving shop!! Japan Diving Tour

whale shark
whale shark diving
■ Whale Shark Fun Diving & Discovery Diving
・The biggest fish in the world!! Huge!!

Their body length is 8m!!
Amazing experience! Diving with Whale Shark!
Welcome First Time Diver!! Anybody is OK!
No license needed!!EASY, Safety, and FUN!!

time required (2& half hours) 
・Discovery diving for \15000($150) FIRST TIME DIVER (NO LICENSE NEEDED)
・FUN diving for
\14000($140)+(Rentgear \3000($30))
Schedule 8:00~ 12:30~ and other (call for detail)

payment rule Japan Okinawa Diving♪
English Avilable Diving Shop |Natural Blue|
TEL: 090-9497-7374

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