elementary school for the ocean learning class ^ ^!


Today  we went to teach ocean education to a local elementary school!

learned the connection between the ocean and themselves We have done the lesson of the sea!

Taking advantage of the field of their diving shop, we do fun classes that let you know the importance of the sea through “fun of the sea”

Taking a connection, taking videos, photographs and various gimmicks with topics where children are more interested

How do the creatures of the sea in the coral connect each other? And how are we connected to the ocean? Time of such lecture on the sea. . .

The curious appearance in the new world with the eyes of the children shining was funny and impressive


In the course of learning children raised questions as to new discoveries and doubts as to the questions

“What happens to Okinawa if we are not doing anything?”

It seems that we were able to feel familiar with the sea surrounding ourselves, such as “How could I think what to do!” “How can I get to the sea?”

It was so exciting and I had a very meaningful and fun time

Even during the short break time, children are barely able to shine their eyes to new equipment, “Let’s carry it down!” Great excitement! Next let’s go inside the ocean ^ ^!

It was a day I was able to feel various big “ties” ^ ^!

I think that it would be great if the children of Okinawa could feel their sea close at hand even a little and be able to raise consciousness

I hope I can learn how to enter the ocean and snorkelling next ^ ^!

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