We Can Take You To The No 1 Okinawa Diving Spot Blue Cave!The Blue Cave in Okinawa ranks first among the most popular and most recommended water sports sites, where you can enjoy Okinawa diving and Okinawa snorkeling. We provide you with the hospitality and service unique to Japan (O.MO.TE.NA.SHI), allowing you to experience the irresistible charm of Japanese seas; at the same time, you will feel right at home. Boasting the largest number of foreign visitors and rated as the most trustworthy, we also welcome tourists in groups! We are extremely experienced in the reception of foreign tourists.We recommend Okinawa snorkeling to beginners.

Natural Blue is the only dive shop in Okinawa open to foreigners, where the instructors can speak both English and Chinese. Tourists who can’t speak Japanese can also rest assured! Your very first dive? Not to worry! Our instructors will provide assistance to help you create beautiful memories of your Okinawa trip! Welcome to Okinawa, where the climate is comfortable all year round; even the winter is warm. Enjoy Okinawa diving and Okinawa snorkeling here!

2023 Natural Blue has received various awards

japan outdoor leaders award 2023

Reasons to choose Natural Blue

1. Received the various awards mentioned above --- with third party recognition
2. Instructors are divers, EFR rescue qualification --- the guarantee of Japanese national qualification
3.There are Chinese Taiwanese and English Japanese instructors --- no communication problems
4.Japan Snorkeling Association Instructor, Diver Peak Qualification Course Instructor, Nature Sports Instructor in service - all instructors are trained to the highest level

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