We Can Take You To The No 1 Okinawa Diving Spot Blue Cave!The Blue Cave in Okinawa ranks first among the most popular and most recommended water sports sites, where you can enjoy Okinawa diving and Okinawa snorkeling. We provide you with the hospitality and service unique to Japan (O.MO.TE.NA.SHI), allowing you to experience the irresistible charm of Japanese seas; at the same time, you will feel right at home. Boasting the largest number of foreign visitors and rated as the most trustworthy, we also welcome tourists in groups! We are extremely experienced in the reception of foreign tourists.We recommend Okinawa snorkeling to beginners.

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Natural Blue is the only dive shop in Okinawa open to foreigners, where the instructors can speak both English and Chinese. Tourists who can’t speak Japanese can also rest assured! Your very first dive? Not to worry! Our instructors will provide assistance to help you create beautiful memories of your Okinawa trip! Welcome to Okinawa, where the climate is comfortable all year round; even the winter is warm. Enjoy Okinawa diving and Okinawa snorkeling here!

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Okinawa Diving Beginners welcome

Okinawa Blue Cave Snorkeling

Okinawa Blue Cave Snorkeling!

Okinawa Snorkeling(Blue Cave)

Original Price5,000→Special Price:4,000JPY(before tax)

Required time: 1.5 hours

Introducing Blue Cave, the most beautiful scenic spot in Okinawa! Both children and non-swimmers can enjoy themselves here. First-time snorkelers are also welcome. Just float on the water and let the swimming ring pull you along. There is no need to swim! How relaxed! Scenery that stirs the heart laid out right before your eyes! Be captivated by Blue Cave’s dreamy azure blue light! If you want to experience water sports while touring Okinawa, we recommend this easy and relaxing snorkeling activity.

Age limit: 6-60 years old

Okinawa Blue Cave Discovery Diving

Okinawa Diving Experience in Blue CaveAge limit: 12-60 years old

Original Price: 12,000 Japanese yen

Promotional Price:8,500 JPY(before tax)

Required time: 1.5 hours

Diving Experience in Blue Cave. A diving trip specially designed for first-time divers. Can’t swim? Not to worry! Beginner divers, basically anyone and everyone, are welcome. No diving license is required. Easy, relaxing and safe! A delightful trip for all!

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Appointment Time Slots

March - September 7:30〜/9:30〜/13:00〜 (Please consult us for other appointment time)
October - February 9:30~/13:00~ (Please consult us for other appointment time)

Items to Prepare

Swimsuits, towels, a change of clothes and beach footwear


The most beautiful dive location in Okinawa! Come experience Okinawa diving or Snorkeling in the Blue Cave! Natural Blue is the only dive shop in Okinawa open to foreigners, where communication in English is available. Rated as the most trustworthy, and boasting the largest number of foreign visitors, our instructors can attend to foreign tourists (in English or Chinese)! We welcome first-time divers, tourists who do not speak Japanese, as well as tourists in groups. If you want to enjoy water sports in Japan, visit the beautiful Okinawa seas which diverse marine life calls home! Surrounded by colorful corals and fishes, you will doubtless be able to have a relaxing, yet exciting one-of-a-kind experience!

wellcome to Natural Blue!

Shocking Impact!Required time: 2.5 hours

Okinawa Whale Shark Trip (Winter Special)

Whale Shark & Diving Experience. The whale shark is the largest fish in the world, measuring approximately 8 meters long. Dive with whale sharks! The most unforgettable and beautiful experience of your lifetime!

  • Okinawa Discovery Diving (no diving license required)

    15,000 Japanese yen(before tax)

  • Okinawa FUN Diving (diving license required)

    14,000 Japanese yen + 3,000 Japanese yen for equipment rental(before tax)

Appointment time 7:00 9:00 13:00(Please consult us for other appointment time)

Captivating!Required time: 2 hours (1 oxygen tank), 4 hours (2 oxygen tanks)

Okinawa FUN Diving

A diving trip exclusively designed for certified divers! Less experienced divers are also welcome. There are captivating diving locations galore in Okinawa!

  • Okinawa FUN Diving from the Beach (1 oxygen tank)

    10,000 Japanese yen (before tax)
    (7,000 Japanese yen (before tax) for additional dive))

  • Okinawa FUN Diving from the Boat (1 oxygen tank)

    11,500 Japanese yen (before tax)
    (8,500 Japanese yen (before tax) for additional dive)

Appointment time 7:00 9:00 13:00 (Please consult us for other appointment time)

International Diving License! Required time: 2.5 days

Scuba Diving Certification Course PADI Open Water Diver Course

The PADI scuba diving certification course is the most popular and well known scuba certification course in the world. With this certification, you can dive in any waters around the world. It takes only 2 days to obtain the diving license. Let us head towards adventures in a brand-new world! Start your diving career at an excellent location where the sea water is warm and clear, and numerous fishes surround you.

  • 50,000 Japanese yen+10,000 Japanese yen (before tax) for registration application fee. Applicable for 2 persons and above.

Meeting place MAEDA MISAKI


Diving Assembly Venue

MAEDA MISAKI is where the Blue Cave is located, right at the center of Okinawa.
Address: 469-1, Maeda, Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Natural Blue provides free Wi-Fi at the assembly venue of MAEDA MISAKI.
TEL: 090-9497-7374 (our shop contact number)
(Map code: 206062685)

Shop of Good Safety Practice

Our shop has been selected as the Shop of Good Safety Practice, as designated by the Okinawa Prefectural Public Safety Commission.

Blue Cave Expert Shop

The Shop is certified as a “Blue Cave Expert Shop”.

Getting Around

・Car rental
It is about 40-50 minutes by car from the airport. Drive north along National Highway No. 58 (towards Nago), turn left for cars coming from Naha and right for those from Nago at the Yamada intersection of Onna Village (in front of RENAISSANCE Hotel), then head towards Cape Zanpa for about 3 minutes along County Highway No. 6 and turn right at the blue billboard displaying “Maeda Misaki・Blue Cave” before going straight all the way to arrive at the parking lot.
When setting up the car navigation system, please use the following information.
469-1, Maeda, Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan
Mapcode: 206062685
・Bus ride
Take Bus No. 20 and Bus No. 120 from Naha city to Kuraha Bus Stop, transfer to Bus No. 48, get off the bus at Maeda Bus Stop and then walk 5 minutes to reach the destination. It is approximately a 15 minutes’ walk from Kuraha Bus Stop. Alternatively, you can get off the bus at Ryukyu Village and take a 5-minute taxi ride to the destination.

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