Nature experience activity instructor risk management director workshop!


We are updating skills and knowledge at seminars and study sessions every day
Risk Management Director Update Course
How to manage not only the ocean but also the risk of nature experience activities in outdoor activities such as mountains and nature as director of the site
Reconfirmation of knowledge together with recent information How to set up measures from how to identify risks
Various Safety Management Measures in the Field Management From the Improvement of Insurance Improvement Review of the Communication Law by Flowchart
Improvement of human error, construction of structure It was an opportunity to learn again and let me learn again


I am feeling tight again by listening to various big examples of outdoor activities nationwide
This time I was able to get involved with the outdoor association, from fishing and rafting from canoeing to trekking, fishing and rafting from agriculture from Jivie from the sea from the sea From the mountains from the river From the north to the south, from the island and the Japanese outdoor activities led the legend I was able to meet with people. And I was able to meet people active in various genres, it was very exciting and enjoyable.
In addition, I was able to deepen my awareness by asking examples of various genres, so I learned it as a shop.
In the future I think that we would like to conduct tour management that further strictly followed safety management.
Natural Blue will continue to offer tours safely in the future

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