About COVID-19 Infection prevention measures


COVID-19 Infection prevention measures

To provide safe and secure tour amid COVID-19 in accordance with guidelines and recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Natural Blue asks our guests to cooperate and has implemented proactive precautionary measures listed below for reopening our shop after self-restraint request.

We gradually offer our tour as normal, please note that those measures subject to change depending on the status of the COVID-19 pandemic and information from the national and prefectural authorities.

Please contact us to share regular updates of our shop.

1. Tour Reservation
We only offer the tour at Cape Maeda Branch, to avoid infection and Three Cs (Confined Space, Crowded Places, and Close Contact).
*Foreign Tourist is only available at Cape Maeda

2. Requests to our guests in preventing COVID-19:
・Visiting our shop with only participants
・Refraining from participating our tour if you have
– The symptoms of cold
– A fever (more than 37.5 degree in Celsius)
– Strong fatigue or tiredness
– Cough, sputum, or chest discomfort
– Discomfort in taste or smell
– Traveled to a country / region where entry restrictions or observation period is required within 14 days, or have close contact with applicable people
– Visited a cruise ship, or a place where COVID-19 infected person has been found
– Suspected to have COVID-19 in a family member or close friend
– Any other symptoms of possible infection with COVID-19
*In the case of recognizing those symptoms on the day, the cancel fee will be charged. Please contact us as soon as possible.

*Due to the relevance between marine activities and COVID-19 has not been determined yet, we will advise to ask with a medical institution about the people who have been previously infected. In some cases, you may be required to bring a medical certificate or any other evidence that you have fully recovered from your doctor. Please contact us in advance.

3. Prevention efforts at Natural Blue
Our shop and all equipment are disinfected by ethanol, sodium hypochlorite, and hypochlorous acid water

Application form will be sent after completion of your reservation.
Please bring for each person with all filled forms.

We are asking all participants to:
・enhancing disinfecting all participants’ hands and shoes
・wear surgical masks at reception
・sign “COVID-19 Prevention checklist” on the day

We are also operating by:
・disinfecting of tables, chairs, and counter tables after use
・cleaning and disinfecting floor, restroom, and changing room after use
・air-refreshing by opening more than 2 doors and windows
・constantly ventilated, also cleaning and disinfecting vehicles after use
*if vehicles are needed for transportation to the tour point, we are asking to ventilate by opening windows

About staff
All staffs at Natural Blue is also implementing measures below:
・checking their health condition everyday and refrain to work when the person are not feeling well
・wearing surgical masks as much as we can
・self-reporting their physical condition and check body temperature everyday
・sanitizing hands after washing

About equipment
Washing and disinfecting all equipment before and after use
Also we are selling new mouthpiece for diving. Please ask our staff or on the reservation, if you are needed.

If you have own snorkeling set such as masks and snorkels, please bring on the day.
*there is oil-coating on the surface of the mask (inside part), please polishing with toothpaste before use

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