It was raining heavily, but we were divided into two teams and enjoyed the sea☆


Water temp 26℃ Air temp 27℃

Today, many customers from not only Japan, but also from all over the world participated in our experiencing diving and snorkeling tours! We were able to see lots of nice smiles!

It has been raining all day…

We often get many inquiries from our customer about whether they can still join snorkeling or diving tour in rainy day or not. But you can join both snorkeling and diving tour even if it’s rainy!!! The transparency and beauty under the sea will not be changed by the weather♪Also we are preparing wetsuits for you, so you will feel warm at the ocean★

We visited to the beach next to the Cape Maeda due to rough ocean condition at Blue Cave.

There are many corals, various tropical fishes and other unique sea creatures at the beach!

Under water world always makes all customers happy☆

And they were very curious and surprised by watching or touching those sea animals!


Glad hear you had good time and saw many beautiful fish!! Lots of tropical fish! It was really amazing underwater world!! Next time we go to blue cave diving and come to get license!! It will be much more fun!

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To provide safe and secure tour amid COVID-19 in accordance with guidelines and recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Natural Blue asks our guests to cooperate and has implemented proactive precautionary measures listed below. Please contact us for any question.



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