Precaution of cancel fee

Natural Blue may charge cancel fee.
Natural Blue may charge cancel fee with the following contents in case of the cancellation by customer convenience, and cancellation without notice.
In case of flight cancel due to typhoon and any other natural disaster, the cancel fee will not be charged. Please contact us.
* Cancellation due to weather condition is only applied when we notice to our customers about “Tour Cancellation”. Please understand the situation that we may change the tour schedules, before you make a reservation.

7 days – 2 days before the tour date 20%
The day before the tour until 4:00pm 50%
The day before the tour from 4:00pm
– cancellation on the day, cancellation without notice

Caution when Booking

For people who mention “want to cancel if it is unable to visit BLUE CAVE”.
We are very sorry, but we have presented the prior notice about changes of our tour when we cannot visit Blue Cave. Therefore, we cannot accept your booking, if you cannot agreed our terms and condition. Cancel fee will be charged, when it is canceled by own decision with weather deterioration including raining.
More details is at “Notes of weather deterioration (“