This is only for guests who sign up for our courses. Accommodation recommendations for guests in Okinawa for snorkeling or diving. This is an additional package, so please inquire about fees.
2 types of accommodation packages


・Kailana villa
Free Movie, some outdoor goods are available to enjoy at the house! Let’s have a cozy morning by relaxing on wooden swing and having a coffee at the balcony!

All rooms in this private house are decorated by owner and his family, and it can feel beach side of west coast American atmosphere.
“Kailana” means “Kai…Ocean”, “Lana…Relax” in Hawaiian. The interiors are corrected to provide relaxed space with feeling of Okinawa’s ocean. Please have a nice stay at the house with discerning interior by owner’s family.
From 2nd floor, it is able to see the view of calm lake and Zakimi Castle. Having a slow and relaxing time at very quiet place in Okinawa.

The house has a living room, 3 bedrooms with 8 beds in total, and parking space for 2~3 cars. Available to share the house with 2 families.
Kitchen goods, Front-loading washing machine, Bath dehumidifier, Clothes drying set, Bath towels, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Hair conditioner, and Body soap are equipped.
Kids’ dish, swings, some other toys for children that can play at both beach and indoor are also prepared.
Customers staying at Kailana Villa can get some discounts of Diving or Snorkeling tour.
Please contact us anytime if you prefer to participate the tour.

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Entire house/Floor map/Max 8 people available

Floor Map
1F:Living room/Kitchen/Toilet/Washroom/Bathroom/Bedroom (2 single beds)/Parking space/Garden
2F:Bedroom 1 (2 single beds, 1 double bed)/Bedroom 2 (1 double bed), each bedroom has balcony

Price(Entire house/Up to 4 people/Tax not include)
1 Night ¥18,000
Consecutive Night Plan (2 Nights) ¥34,000
Consecutive Night Plan (3 Nights) ¥48,000
Consecutive Night Plan (Over 4 Nights) ¥14000/Night
Consecutive Night Plan(Over 2 Weeks) ¥12000/Night
Long Stay Plan(Over 1 Month) ¥250000/Month

※1 Night, Consecutive Night Plan: Additional charges (¥2000/Night) will incur on Japanese holiday including Golden week, Summer & Winter holiday, and any other Consecutive holidays.
※Additional fee will be charged from over 5 people. (Extra fee: Total fee / # of people)
※Children under the age of 5 are free to stay
※Bed sheets change, Garbage collection, Cleaning room for long stay will incur additional charges (¥8000)

Access: 10mins to Cape Maeda known as Blue Cave (Natural Blue Cape Maeda Branch)
Parking: Free parking on premises (2 cars)
Address: 〒904-0301 2753-53 Zakimi, Yomitan Village, Okinawa
Check in: 17:00(Negotiable)/Check out:10:00
Amenities: No smoking in all rooms/Air conditioning/TV/Free Movie Streaming Service/Free WiFi/Kettle/Refrigerator/Rice cooker/Microwave/Basic kitchen tools/Dish, Cup, Chopsticks etc../Hotplate/Earthenware pot/Portable stove/Vacuum cleaner/Front-loading washing machine/Bath dehumidifier/Clothesline/Laundry scissors/Hanger/Hair dryer/Iron/Body soap/Shampoo/Hair Conditioner/Toothbrush/Shaver/Towel/Bath towel/Swing/Beach chair/Balcony camping goods (Lanthanum, Hammock, Coffee Maker etc…)/Toys for kids/Cleaning equipment for the garden(Sequentially Preparation/As of Aug 2020)
Payment method: Credit card /Bank transfer
Cancel Policy(Visit website)

2 People 2 Nights + Private Discovery Diving & Snorkeling Plan (incl. Pick-up service) ¥52,000
2 People 2 Nights + Private Discovery Diving 2 dives Plan (incl. Pick-up service) ¥59,000
4 People 2 Nights + Blue Cave Snorkeling Tour Plan (incl. Pick-up service) ¥45,000
4 People 2 Nights + Half day Boat Snorkeling Tour Plan (incl. Pick-up service) ¥59,000
Limited Time Offer (Winter season: Nov to Feb)
2 People 3 Nights + CMAS Diving License Course (OW or AOW) (incl. Pick-up service)
Additional fee will be charged if it is:
– Summer season: Mar to Oct (+25000 yen per Person)
– PADI Diving License Course (OW or AOW) (incl. Pick-up service) (+15000 yen per Person)
2 People 2 Nights + Half day Boat Fun Diving 2 dives Plan (incl. Pick-up service) ¥75,000

※This plans are Private tour plan with transportation service between accommodation and tour location.
※Combination of any tour (Kailana Villa special offer) from the list below is also available.
※Please contact us if the number of participants are exceed from the list.

・Self-Snorkeling Set Original Price¥ 1500→ Free(# People/1 day)
・Blue Cave Discovery Diving Original Price¥12000→¥ 8000(¥4000 OFF)
・2 Set Discovery Diving (including Blue Cave Diving) Original Price¥15000→¥13500(¥1500 OFF)
・Blue Cave Snorkeling Original Price¥ 5000→¥ 3000(¥2000 OFF)
・Combo Course(Blue Cave Snorkel+Coral reef Diving) Original Price¥10000→¥ 9500(¥ 500 OFF)
・Rental Towel for Beach Original Price¥ 200→ Free(#People/1 time)
・Any other tour 5%OFFOriginal Price

・Cape Maeda Branch(Meeting Point) (more details at here)
・Blue Cave Diving   (more details at here)
・Blue Cave Snorkeling  (more details at here)

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Local experience

This includes non-hotel accommodations. Guests will be invited to stay in a regular farmhouse with a local family. The style is like staying in a family run “bed and breakfast”.

Did it seem inadequate to just “eat and see” in your past trips to Okinawa? The benefit of “Local experience” is the opportunity to “interact with and learn from” the residents. Depending on the host family, you may be able to learn the Shamisen, assist with farm work, etc.; these activities give guests the opportunity to interact with the residents. The host families, who consider themselves as having many more children or grandchildren from across the country or even throughout the world, will show the heartwarming Okinawan hospitality. Guests can gain insight to the everyday Okinawan life by staying in the family-style bed and breakfasts.

Feel the connection between Okinawans and the sea while taking your journey of ocean exploration.