★Important notice before your reservation

Please understand our terms and condition when you make a reservation.
As shown at website, we will change the diving / snorkeling spot if the ocean condition around Blue Cave area is not suitable. Therefore, we may not be able to accept the booking for those who only insist on visiting the Blue Cave. The cancel fee will be charged when the customer cancel our tour due to weather deterioration including rain by customer’s judgment. More details at “Precaution of cancel fee”.

About tour change
※Unless you receive cancellation contacts from us, the tour will be held even it is rain.
The cancel fee will be charged when the customer cancel our tour due to weather condition including rain by customer’s judgment.

About the tour at Blue Cave
We usually visit the Blue Cave from the beach. However, the entrance gate will be closed, when waves get bigger and strong swells occurred in this area.
All diving shops will not be allowed to enter from beach when the gate is closed.
In this case, we may change the plan such as taking a boat from offshore to visit Blue Cave. Please see blow for any plan changes depending on deteriorated ocean condition.

①Visit Blue Cave by taking boat
   Boat fee will be charged (Snorkel +1000 yen, Diving +1500 yen / person)
   ※Tour ending time may be late when you using a boat.

②Change tour spot if the boat cannot departure due to rough ocean condition
   We will change tour spot when the boat cannot visit Blue Cave area.

   Another area is also beautiful and you can meet many sea animals, even though it is little shallow area.

※Please make a reservation after you agreed to all our terms and condition

Marine activity is held at nature. The ocean is not always calm and beautiful. However, we have to understand and accept any ocean situation. This is a nature. We hope everyone can feel and enjoy at various nature with generous hearts. We also hope all of our participants’ have a good time at any beautiful Okinawa’s ocean, not just insisting to visit Blue Cave. We are sure there are some special moments that you can find at only each ocean, even you miss the chance to visit blue cave.

Here is the main spot if it’s unable to visit Blue Cave

About the cancel our tour due to natural disaster

We will contact with some notice to all customers on that day OR the day before the tour, when the tour is canceled due to natural disaster. However, those notification might be 1-2 hours before starting time because of the rapid changes of ocean condition.

Possible cases of tour cancellation
The tour may be canceled when the typhoon is coming. Otherwise, we basically hold the tour in other case.

・Wave warning throughout the Okinawa island, or at Middle (Chubu) area in Okinawa.
・Storm warning throughout the Okinawa island, or at Middle (Chubu) area in Okinawa.

When it is heavy rain and flood warning, we will make a decision with typhoon approaching information, information from Japan meteorological agency, and our visual information. We will basically hold the tour unless typhoon or any other violent storm are approaching to Okinawa.

※ Weather alert advisory is no problems. Please rest assured and enjoy the tour.