Package Course DATA

■Okinawa Blue Cave Snorkeling + Diving Experience

1 promotional package for the experience of 2 activities. This diving trip is exclusively designed for non-swimmers and first-time divers, requiring no diving license. Experience snorkeling in the Blue Cave and diving experience, and enjoy the dreamy underwater world with this combo package. Easy, relaxing and safe! A delightful marine tour complete with colorful fishes and fascinating corals!

Package Course(Okinawa Blue Cave Snorkeling + Diving Experience)
Special Price:13,200JPY(before tax)
Original Price: 16,500JPY(before tax)
Required time: 3~3.5 hours
Age limit: 12-60 years old
(no diving license required)

Package Course Features

1. Equipment rental is completely free.

Equipment, such as diving suits, can be rented for free.
We provide equipment in good condition including diving suits.

2. Underwater photography is also free

Photos taken by underwater cameras will be provided as electronic files for free.
No need to bring your own camera!

3. Feeding the fish is completely free.

Feeding the fish is completely free.A wonderful service.

Package Course Detailed procedure

1. Meet at Cape Maeda Park

The meeting point is in the public Cape Maeda Park.
The Park is well equipped with facilities such as a large parking lot, changing rooms, shower rooms and lockers.
After arriving at the meeting point, the staff will meet you.
Please fill in application forms (insurance).
Change into diving suits.
After changing and getting ready, we will leave for the cave.

2. Heading to Blue Cave

We will not use a boat but will instead walk to the cave.
Descending the steps, we will walk on paths formed from coral.
We can enjoy the unique marine life and beautiful scenery.
On this natural path, the staff will provide careful assistance to let everyone have a good time.

3. Start snorkeling!

We will arrive at the Blue Cave after walking into the cave for 5 minutes.
We will enter the water slowly from here.
The snorkeling begins after the practice to ensure everyone’s safety.
Listen to the legends of the Blue Cave while getting ready to enjoy the exciting snorkeling.

4. Blue Cave snorkeling!

The mysterious light in the Blue Cave creates an atmosphere of extraordinary beauty.
There are countless schools of fish in the waters, each more majestic than the last.
There are several fish species that live only in this cave.
After stepping out of the cave, enter the coral covered ocean world.
Have large groups of fish swarm around you as you enjoy the thrill of fish feeding.
Listen to the descriptions of the fish and coral as you go down the ocean path. Learn amazing facts about the wildlife to fully appreciate the wonders of the ocean.

5. Break time

After snorkeling, enjoy refreshments and take a break.
Read the illustrated handbook on different species of fish and the diving instructions (English/Chinese version available), and browse the photos taken during the snorkeling activity, all while having a break.
There are also photo opportunities to take full advantage of during the break.

6. Start diving

Getting ready for the diving experience.
After listening to the diving explanation, we will practice on land first.
The tour will be given in English with some Chinese;
Chinese reading materials are also available.
The explanation will be given slowly and in detail to give you all the information you need.

We will practice in the shallows first.
Feel the wonder of breathing underwater.
We will gradually move into deeper waters to put everyone’s mind at ease.
The instructors will always be before your eyes to calm your nerves.
Instructors will guide each diver by holding your hands so even if you cannot swim there is nothing to fear.

With all the fishes in the sea, a wonderful world is unfolding in front of your eyes.
You will also feed the fish.
The good time comes to an end too quickly.

7. Diving experience completed!

The tour ends after you finish showering and changing.
Clean shower and changing rooms. 200yen/2 minutes
Hair dryers also available. 100yen/5 minutes
There are other famous tourist spots near the Park; you can dive into sightseeing directly afterwards. Waste no time by efficiently touring all the well-known attractions.